Success seems to be connected to action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they never quit.

J.W. Marriott

Searching for employment is a challenge as old as society itself. Whether you’re just starting out as a young professional or attempting to transition from one place to another, you’ll find yourself on job sites and catching up with colleagues in your professional network sooner or later. Despite the common struggle, the job search process doesn’t look the same for everyone. It can have twists and turns, the likes of which will be daunting and might just shake your faith in what you set out to do.

following the yellow brick road

Starting the journey toward a successful career is a tough thing to do. There’s no adequate substitute for starting the process yourself, and there’s no “easy” way to do it that doesn’t involve cheating yourself. Like going to the gym or learning a new language, the more time you invest in the process, the more fruitful your search will be.

Additionally, starting your career or searching for a job have added social stigmas that could become obstacles. People you know may have opinions about certain industries or the people who work in them. It’s important to consider a multitude of perspectives throughout the job search process, but also remember that it will be you who is directly involved and you who will face both the good and the not so good sides of being in the workforce.

This video, from the NYU Wasserman Center for Career Development, outlines the basic steps of the job search process and important resources you can use to get started.

keep your eye on the prize

In the movie “Finding Nemo”, the character Dory’s singular mantra is to “just keep swimming”. We advise a similar outlook on the job hunt. It can be exhausting. It can be boring. But if you just keep pushing a little further, submit one more application, connect with one more recruiter, you’ll be one step closer to your dream career.

If you’re looking for some more expert advice on how to fight the job hunt burn out and stay focused on your goals, check out this video from College Info Geek. While the video is geared towards students, the job search is a task you may start to balance while still in school. The transition from academic to professional life is one of the most difficult to navigate, thus making adequate burnout management critical to your success.

network, network, network

Many job seekers will begin their search on job-posting sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor. While these are great places to begin identifying what types of employment are available to you, it may not be the best way to finally land that dream position. Depending on your goals and the industry you are looking to work in, you may also want to build and leverage your profession network.

Job seekers find the most success when someone within their network recommends them for a position or is in some way involved in the process. This could happen through a reference letter provided by a former employer or simply a coworker who forwards you an interesting opportunity.

When it comes to the job search, you must be open to the possibility of opportunities coming from anyone and anywhere. Job sites can be like fishing– sometimes you will get a few nibbles, but the true prize will only come to those who can wait patiently and know when a window of opportunity opens.

The job hunt is not easy, but it might be comforting to know you’re not alone. There are millions of people who go through the job search process each year. Please refer to some of the resources we have compiled for more information on private and public sector job searches. These resources are constantly updated, so be sure to check frequently. For more personalized assistance, we encourage you to book an appointment below. Happy hunting!

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