One thing that education can do is it can provide us with an opportunity to understand one another better, and so while I’ve spent a lot of my time in the world of politics, I’ve always felt that it is really not politics that will solve this for us.

Condoleezza Rice, 66th United States Secretary of State

Freshman Year

As a freshman just starting high school,
the concept of college may seem distant.
It is never too early to start preparing for
college application. Focus on obtaining
strong grades, getting involved in school,
and begin familiarizing yourself with the
college applications process.

Sophomore Year

Sophomore looking to enhance their high school career should start looking for pre-college/summer enrichment programs where they can begin to explore career paths and start looking at what academic programs interest them. At school, start thinking about taking an AP class and taking on small roles in clubs to gain leadership experience.

Visit our page for information on sophomore year!

Junior Year

Junior year of high school is often times
viewed as the most challenging year for
students. Most students are taking the
most difficult classes to make their
academic transcript stand out, overseeing
leadership roles in clubs, and taking college
standardized tests such as the SAT or ACT.

Latinx Opportunities seeks to create a guide
for high school juniors on what they should
be doing to prepare themselves.

Senior Year

As a senior in high school, applying to colleges is a process that takes place during the fall and admission decisions are released in the late spring. There are many steps to be taken and the process can become overwhelming, especially in times of a pandemic. Latinx Opportunities is proud to offer students free online resources and application reviews to help students navigate the college application process.