Senior Year

It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.

Gabriel García Márquez

Make a College List

As you begin the college application
journey, we recommend that you make
a list of all of the colleges you plan to
apply to. Use an excel spreadsheet or
Google sheets to add information like
deadlines and application requirements.
That way you can keep track of what
schools you have already applied to.

Take Note of Deadlines

When applying to college, we recommend students to keep track of all the deadlines. College applications can have different deadlines, scholarships follow their own timelines, and then are the financial aid application deadlines.

College Visits

For those who can, schedule last
minute college visits. Under times
of a pandemic, this might not be a
viable option. However, many colleges
and universities have already made
their admissions tours and brochures
available online. This is a perfect
opportunity for students if they are
thinking about studying at a college out
of state.

Finish Standardized Testing

Have you your standardized college entrance exams, yet? If you haven’t, register as early as possible. Some colleges will not let students apply for admissions if they have not taken the SAT or the ACT. If paying for a standardized test is a problem, check to see if your school offers fee waivers or visit the website of one of the tests.

Ask for Teacher
Letters of

On average, colleges ask for 1-3 letters
of recommendation, of which 2 must
come from teachers. The best letters
of recommendation are written when
teachers know the students well.
Identity two teachers who speak on
your behalf for college admissions.

Apply to Colleges

This is the year where you officially start applying to colleges and universities.

Latinx Opportunities is proud to offer numerous college application resources for Latinx students. We have resources on standardized testings, letters of recommendation, college essays, and resume/CV guides.

Keep Tax
Forms Nearby

One of things students do not think
about is to obtain important financial
documents from their parents ahead of
time. When applying for financial aid,
students will be asked to submit tax
information found on their tax forms.

Make sure to be able to have these
forms at hand for when you are ready
to apply for financial aid.

Apply for Financial Aid

Applying for college means also applying for financial aid. FAFSA and the CSS Profile are two main financial forms colleges asks students to fill out. Some colleges ask for additional forms to be completed.

Make a Decision

Once you have heard back from all of
the universities you have applied to, it
is time to choose which college to
attend. We recommend students and
their loved ones review financial aid
packages and the program curriculums
to see what is the best fit. Look for the
graduation rates and job placement
rates from each program. Find out
which program interests you more.

Keep Up Your Grades

Senior year can be stressful during the first half because not only are you taking classes, but also expected to apply to colleges. We recommend that students continue to study and work hard because even after you are admitted to college, you still need to send a final class transcript. Suppose you did not try your senior year and got bad grades. Some colleges will be rescind their acceptance invitation and you could end up without a college.

Apply for

Your high school career starts to come
to end, it is time to start looking
forward at the next chapter: college.
Starting college can be frightening, but
there are many pre-college programs
that take place in the summer before
you start school. These programs are
offered through non-profits
organizations and universities. Check
with your college for any programs for
incoming freshmen. Watch out for
early deadlines.

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