Welcome to Latinx Opportunities! Our organization strives to help young Latinx students find personal, professional, and academic success in all aspects of life. This website is a collection of resources to help high school and college students on their paths towards higher education. Latinx Opportunities was created by current Latinx college students who are committed to empowering other Latinx students.

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As a first generation high school student seeking to pursue higher education, it is important to make the most of your high school experience. Colleges will want to see what you accomplished over the span of four years. Your grades, extracurricular involvement, volunteer service, and other facts will play a role in whether or not you are admitted to select colleges and universities.

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College Resources

Latinx Opportunities is committed to offering students the necessary resources in order to successfully earning their degree. Latinx students are often times the first in their families to attend college. We seek to offer any additional guidance and support they may need to complete their journey. For those who wish to further their studies, Latinx Opportunities offers graduate school resources such as scholarship opportunities and summer enrichment programs.

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Financial Aid Resources

The ability to pay for college is one of the most challenging barriers for Latinx students. Latinx Opportunities understands how Latinx students may feel discouraged to apply to college because of how expensive higher education is. We are committed to offering financial aid guides, scholarship opportunities, and other resources to assist Latinx students and their families understand how to pay for college.

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Professional Development

Throughout your adult years, it is important to focus on developing your career interests. Establishing who you are, what you know, and what you’re passionate about is critical to your personal as well as professional development. These pages will help you navigate the job search process and transition from a life in the classroom to one in the workplace.