Junior Year

we all have unsuspected reserve of strength inside that emerges when life puts us to the test.

Isabel Allende

Standardized Tests

Standardized tests are used by colleges and
universities as an additional component in
their admissions process. For example, the
ACT and the SAT are the two main
standardized tests for college admissions.
As a junior, this is the year for you to study
and take at least one of these tests. Latinx
Opportunities recommends students
study for these tests in the fall and take
them in the spring/summer.

Last Chance to Join Student Clubs & Activities

Colleges expect applicants to be involved in students clubs and activities. If you are already a part of some clubs, we recommend that you look into holding leadership roles in at least one or two clubs. These clubs should be ones that you are passionate about or related to your future goals. For example, I have always been passionate about the Latino community. So, I ran for vice-president my junior year and subsequently became president my senior year of the Hispanic Leadership Club at my high school.

For those who are currently affiliated with any clubs, do not worry. You still have time to get involved. We understand that it may be difficult for some students to attend club meetings because other commitments like work or family obligations. Ask the club leaders if there is any way you can still be a part of the club and be involved in other ways. Volunteer to help out during lunch hours to prepare for events. Meet with one of the club officers outside of the meetings to share your ideas.

Lastly, look out online for virtual outside opportunities that highlight your passions.

Obtain Your
Service Hours

In addition to good grades and student
involvement, colleges love to see
applicants with community service
experience. Those who volunteer
are seen as civic leaders committed
to bettering their communities.

Some clubs in high school are
dedicated to volunteering so be
sure to check at your school for
volunteer opportunities. Check out
your local YMCA, public library,
elementary & middle schools, and
local religious organizations that
might be in need of help.

Look out for Leadership Opportunities

Many colleges will often times ask students to share an example of a time where they demonstrated leadership. Students should look for opportunities at school clubs and in their local community. At the same time, there may be outside programs for high school students to learn about leadership.

Take Advanced

As a junior, you have had the chance to
familiarize yourself with your high school
curriculum and have taken plenty of high
courses. Colleges will want to see you have
grown academically since freshman year.
Consider taking honors, dual-degree credit,
or AP classes. Don’t know how to choose
what classes? We recommend that you take
advanced courses in the subjects that you
are passionate about. Remember to plan out
your schedules. You do not want to
overwork yourself.

Secure Your Letters of Recommendations!

One of the application components students sometimes forget is the letters of recommendations. Most colleges ask for 1-3 letters, with 1-2 that should come directly from teachers. You want to find teachers who know you the best and can write the best letters. If you do not have any teachers right now, start working on those relationships. Make yourself stand out more by participating more in class and scoring well.

When to ask for letters of recommendation: We recommend junior students wait until the end of the school year to set a private meeting, send an email, or give a thank you note to thank those teachers and tell them how much you enjoyed their class. At the end, kindly tell them that you would appreciate it if they would be willing to write you a letter of recommendation next fall for college.

Make Your
College List

It is important for you start thinking about
what colleges you plan to apply to next year
because different school have different
requirements. Prestigious universities
require high standardized test scores, for
example, so you want to give yourself
enough time to study and retake those tests
if necessary.

Start Bookmarking Scholarships

While many scholarships for college are specifically for seniors, it is still important for you to begin searching for scholarships early because different scholarships open throughout the year. Some scholarships open in the spring of junior year. Select colleges have early deadlines for scholarships.

Latinx Opportunities seeks to provide as many scholarship opportunities for students in one central location.

Apply to Summer

The summer before senior is important
for different reasons. It is the chance to
do something that make your college
applications stand out. During the summer,
there are many pre-college programs
targeting rising seniors. Some programs
focus on specific academic subjects while
others seek to offer college application
resources. We recommend that students
look into summer programs and activities
to do starting in October. The more
summer enrichment programs and discuss
the importance of making the most one’s
summer by engaging in summer pre-
college programs, volunteering, taking
classes at the local community center. Visit
colleges and start making a list colleges
your are interested in.

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