Until we reach equality in education, we can’t reach equality in the larger society.

– Sonia Sotomayor, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States

Guides for Every Year

Latinx Opportunities is proud
to offer resources for high school
students regardless of what year
they are in. Even if you are a freshman,
it is important for you to begin your
college application preparation.

Standardized Testing

Throughout your high school career, you can expect to take different types of tests. all of which are extremely important. Latinx Opportunities seeks to help students understand these exams, as well as offer free resources to help you prepare.


Latinx Opportunities provides
free resources for students who
are planning to apply to college.
We offer free college application
reviews, from reviewing personal
statements to college essays.

For those who do not know
where to start, Latinx
Opportunities has many
resources for students learn
more about the college
application process.

Programs for High School Students

Latinx Opportunities was created to serve as a central location where students can learn about different programs and opportunities available. These program look great on college applications and many are free/offer extensive scholarships.