Hi, I’m Spencer. As a college student and a proud American Latino, I have faced my own challenges in pursuit of my dream career. It can be a daunting journey, but never fear! I will be guiding you through these resources, every step of the way.

INVESTING in yourself

Building your brand

Branding involves building relationships between yourself and others. In today’s world where people move, act, and think in the blink of an eye, it’s important that you communicate who you are and your values as effectively (and quickly) as possible. In later segments of “Building Your Brand”, we’ll discuss topics like elevator pitches, social media branding, and how to advertise yourself to others in a way that catches their attention – in a good way.

Resume & cover letter workshopping

Resumes and Cover Letters are integral to the job application process and are tools needed to engage in the next stages of your professional development journey. We’ll discuss the difference between a Resume and CV (Curriculum Vitae), as well as develop writing skills that enhance your Cover Letters – often the first documents that employers will look at in a candidate’s application.

The great Job Hunt

“A journey of a 1,000 miles begins with a single step.”

We are often daunted by the job market, how it is constantly in flux and constantly moving. In this section, we’ll discuss recruitment timelines for major companies and how to leverage career sites to maximize the amount of exposure you have to campus recruiters and how much awareness campus recruiters have of you.

Interviewing strategies

Sometimes even the best applicants make it to a final round of interviews and still don’t receive the job offer. While many applicants can look good on paper, they crumble in person if they don’t prepare properly for an interview. In this section, we look at successful interviewing practices and the most effective ways to connect with and impress your interviewer.

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